Here are some of my recent academic publications and working papers.


2021. Imposing Standards: The North-South Dimension to Global Tax Politics. Cornell University Press. Homepage

Journal articles

Forthcoming. The Rise of China and Contestation in Global Tax Governance. Asia-Pacific Business Review. With Rasmus Christensen. Major contribution from a scholar based in China who wished to remain anonymous. Accepted version (open access).

2021. “An unacceptable surrender of fiscal sovereignty”: the neoliberal turn to international tax arbitration. Perspectives on Politics. With Todd N. Tucker. Published version (open access)

2019. The new politics of global tax governance: taking stock a decade after the financial crisis. Review of International Political Economy 26(5): 1068-1088. With Rasmus Christensen. Published version (open access).

2018. Transnational expertise and the expansion of the international tax regime: imposing ‘acceptable’ standards. Review of International Political Economy 25(5):647-671. Published version (open access) | Download research materials (273MB)

2018. China’s challenge to international tax rules and implications for global economic governance. International Affairs 94(6):1287-1307. With Wilson Prichard. Published version (free link) | Accepted version (open access)

2018. The challenges for developing countries in international tax justice. Journal of Development Studies 54(10):1932-1938. Published version (free link) | Accepted version (open access)

2018. When do developing countries negotiate away their corporate tax base? Journal of International Development 30(2):233-255. Published version (open access).

2017. The UK-Colombia Tax Treaty: 80 Years in the Making. British Tax Review (4):375-384. Published version (open access)

Book chapters

2020. The IPE of global tax governance. In: Vivares, Eduardo (ed.) The Routledge Handbook to Global Political Economy: Conversations and Inquiries. London: Routledge. Published version (£).

2017. The UK’s tax treaties with developing countries during the 1970s. In: Harris, Peter and de Cogan, Dominic, (eds.) Studies in the History of Tax Law, volume 8. Hart Publishing, Oxford, UK. Published version (£) | Accepted version (open access).

2017. Tax treaty disputes: a global quantitative analysis. In: Baistrocchi, Eduardo, (ed.) A Global Analysis of Tax Treaty Disputes. Cambridge Tax Law Series. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. With Eduardo Baistrocchi. Published version (open access).

Academic working papers

2020. At the Table, Off the Menu? Assessing the Participation of Lower-Income Countries in Global Tax Negotiations. ICTD Working Paper 115. Institute of Development Studies, Brighton

2017. What makes countries negotiate away their corporate tax base? WIDER Working Paper 2017/122. Helsinki: UNU-WIDER.

2016. Measuring Tax Treaty Negotiation Outcomes: the ActionAid Tax Treaties Dataset ICTD working paper 47. Institute of Development Studies, Brighton.  (Blog post summary)

2016. A Review of Uganda’s Tax Treaties and Recommendations for Action. ICTD working paper 50. Institute of Development Studies, Brighton. With Jalia Kangave. (Blog post summary)


2016. Tax treaties dataset. ICTD, Institute of Development Studies, Brighton. (Blog post summary)

Selected policy papers

2020. Corporate Tax Negotiations at the OECD: What’s at Stake for Developing Countries in 2020? ICTD Summary Brief 20. Institute of Development Studies, Brighton.

2018. The European Union’s tax treaties with developing countries: Leading by example? European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) in the European Parliament, Brussels. (Blog post summary)

2017. Developing countries’ role in international tax cooperation. Intergovernmental Group of 24, Washington, DC. (Blog post summary)

2015. Tax treaties in sub-Saharan Africa: a critical review Tax Justice Network – Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. (Blog post summary)

2014. Tax-motivated illicit financial flows: A guide for development practitioners U4 Issue 2014:2, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway.