Martin Hearson

I’m a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, and a Research Director of the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD). I study the politics of global tax governance, with a focus on lower-income countries and rising powers.

2021. Imposing Standards: The North-South Dimension to Global Tax Politics. Cornell University Press. Homepage.

2022. The rise of China and contestation in global tax governance. Asia Pacific Business Review 28(2): 165-186. With Rasmus Corlin Christensen. (Major contribution from a Chinese scholar who wished to remain anonymous). Published version (open access)

2022. Developing Influence: The power of the rest in global tax governance. Review of International Political Economy. With Rasmus Corlin Christensen and Tovony Randriamanalina. Published version (open access, advance)

2022. The politics of taxing multinational firms in a digital age. Journal of European Public Policy 29(5): 708-727. With Margarita Gelepithis. Published version (open access)