What kind of person reads a tax blog?

WordPress can’t make its mind up if this is my 100th or my 101st post. No matter, I thought I’d mark the milestone by telling you all about who you are. So here are some of the key stats for this blog. Page views by country:

Page views by country
Page views by country

Top 5 posts by total views (or “maybe I could have stopped writing a while ago”):

  1. UN transfer pricing manual: what Brazil, India and China do differently (June 2013)
  2. The United Nations Practical Manual on Transfer Pricing: a bluffer’s guide (June 2013)
  3. What will BEPS mean for developing countries? (February 2013)
  4. ABF’s misleading statements (February 2013)
  5. Why the US and Argentina have no Tax Information Exchange Agreement (September 2013)

Words people search for to get here:

Wordle of search terms
Wordle of search terms

A few typical search terms that brought people here:

  • how taxation can help improve growth
  • base erosion and profit shifting wiki
  • do tax treaties increase gdp
  • “name-and shame campaigns”
  • tax havens for venezuelans
  • difference between un and oecd transfer pricing
  • double taxation treaties benefits to developing countries
  • what do professional advisers say on starbucks tax avoidance?
  • ngo tax studies vodafone
  • base erosion profit shifting what do you think?
  • what have uk uncut achieved?

And some less typical:

  • parental products manufacturers in india “leave a reply”
  • “margaret hodge” “politicised”
  • starbucks tax jokes
  • sol picciotto wikipedia
  • starbucks and (tax or taxes or zerga or zergak or падатак or падаткаў or данък or данъци or impost or impostos or porez or porezi)
  • how much are you taxed when you resign from public service in south africa
  • anything new in taxes

Who gets the most traffic from this blog?

  1. un.org (by a long way)
  2. actionaid.org.uk
  3. bensaunderscta.wordpress.com
  4. oecd.org
  5. guardian.co.uk
  6. ft.com
  7. imf.org
  8. green-tax.co.uk
  9. papers.ssrn.com
  10. twitter.com
  11. sbs.ox.ac.uk
  12. taxjustice.net
  13. ictd.ac
  14. lse.ac.uk
  15. storify.com