I’m a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, and International Tax Programme Lead for the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD). I study the politics of international taxation, with a focus on developing countries.

Recent blogs and articles

The OECD’s digital tax proposal: untangling the impact of ‘Pillar One’ on developing countries. 10 October 2019

Africa responds to the Inclusive Framework’s digital tax agenda. 7 August 2019

Bob Geldof’s firm’s use of tax haven is legal, but the system hurts African nations. The Guardian, 31 July 2019

Europe is targeting Big Tech with new taxes. It’s straining the transatlantic alliance. Washington Post (Monkey Cage), 18 July 2019

Recent publications

2019. The new politics of global tax governance: taking stock a decade after the financial crisis. Review of International Political Economy 26(5): 1068-1088. With Rasmus Christensen. Published version (open access)

2018. Transnational expertise and the expansion of the international tax regime: imposing ‘acceptable’ standards. Review of International Political Economy 25(5):647-671. Published version (open access) | Download research materials (273MB)

2018. China’s challenge to international tax rules and implications for global economic governance. International Affairs 94(6):1287-1307. With Wilson Prichard. Published version (free link) | Accepted version (open access)